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What kind of paint can you use on gourds?The types of paint that work best with gourds are those that will adhere to many types of surfaces. The surface of gourds will not absorb every type of paint, and some types paint will bead up if applied. Acrylic latex and oil-based paints works the best when decorating a gourd, and alcohol inks. These types of paint come in very vibrant colors and can last for years if used for indoor decoration. If you want to use your gourd for outdoor purposes, try applying a clear finish to extend the beauty and durability of the gourd.

Published by Catherine Watkins

Hi my name is Catherine Watkins. I am a mother if 4, married to a wonderful for 35 years. I became interested in gourd after being introduce by my friend. Together we started the Georgia Gourd Society, in 1997. I am proud to say it has grown very well over these years. I have learn an awful lot of useful information I would like to share with you.

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